Paula Roush

paula roush

msdm studio / London South Bank University, United Kingdom


photographer, photobook designer, publisher and curator. founder of msdm studio lecturer (photobook publishing ) at the London South Bank University, UK

Languages spoken:Portuguese and English

Field of interest on photography

Clarity, to me, is one of the keys to developing a project you love. When you clarify you project’s definite chief aim, many opportunities for personal growth and career development will come your way. As a result of working with me, artists, photographers and authors, clarify their projects’ aims, strengthen their photographic research, selection and story telling. They develop self-confidence and skills required to design, print and bind their photobook. I am looking for individuals who are interested in drastically transforming their photographic projects into best-selling photobooks and can use clarity coaching. Who do you know that would benefit from clarity and self-belief to become a published and collected photobook author?