Amélie Schüle

Amelie Schüle

Curator at Unseen, Amsterdam, Holland


Amelie is a curator at Unseen, a platform for contemporary photography that presents the latest developments in the field of photography and amplifies the careers of boundary-pushing artists. Amelie is responsible for the speakers programme, exhibitions, and onsite projects at the annual fair, Unseen Amsterdam, as well as for various other events and projects throughout the year.

She enjoys researching and developing exhibition concepts that incorporate different materials and textures, integrate audio, and concentrate on themes such as sustainability and inclusivity. Furthermore, Amelie represents Unseen across the globe by attending different photography fairs and festivals, participating in juries and reviewing artist portfolios.

Languages spoken - English, German, Dutch

Field of interest on photography:

I am interested in contemporary practices, new approaches to medium and showcasing, and in works dealing with socio-political issues of our everyday life.