Catherine Panebianco

No Memory is Ever Alone

Memory is Ever Alone is a visual conversation between me and my dad. Every Christmas, he used to bring out a box of slides that he photographed in his late teens and early 20s and made us view them on an old projector on our living room wall telling the same stories every year. It was a consistent memory from a childhood where we moved a lot and I never felt like I had a steady “place” to live and create memories. I realized that by holding the slides in my current landscape, I created not only a connection between his life and mine, but a trail of memories, each that had its own association for both of us. A lot of these slides are of my mom, they were together almost 60 years. She passed away and I feel like her spirit, and all the spirits of the past, are constantly around us. These little vignettes of family life in my current “space” comforts me that she and others are still near, watching over me. They create a “home” for me wherever I go. I did not want to Photoshop that connection. Part of the process that was necessary for me was to find the right location and physically unite my dad’s slides with how I live today – a place within a place, a memory within a memory. I hope these tiny fragments of my family’s life spark a sliver of recollection in your own mind.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

2020_Uncertain Quest_ 12x12

Catherine Panebianco is an artist whose work consistently longs for a sense of place, catches hold of memories and chases the spirts of those we currently love, and those that continue surround us from our past. Her work explores how we connect with others, with our past, and with ourselves.Panebianco received the 2020 LensCulture Critics Choice Top Ten Award, 2020 CENTER’sProject Launch Award and was a 2019 Photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 50 for her series, NoMemory is Ever Alone. The series was also a finalist for the Hopper Prize, won 1st place in the International Photography Awards for Fine Art, was a finalist for the National Photography Awards for the Texas Photographic Society & a San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition Portfolio Award. Panebianco’s work has been exhibited in the U.S. and internationally in venues such as: Griffin Museum of Photography, Soho Photo Gallery, the Center for Fine Art Photography and SE Center for Photography. She has been featured in Black + White Magazine, The Guardian, D Repubblica Magazine and Lenscratch.