Galeria de Santa Maria Maior / Espaço Chiado

Rua Serpa Pinto 2, 1200-444 Lisboa
3ª a sáb. - 15:00 > 20:00

29/09 - 28/10/2023


Ofir Berman


‘Along the Separation Wall’ is a contemporary depiction of the complex Israeli-Palestinian reality, shedding light on a path towards tolerance and hope for the disputed land. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a longstanding disagreement over land ownership and sovereignty in the Middle East, which remains one of the most significant and challenging conflicts in the world today. It encloses deep-rooted historical, political, and religious resentments and aspirations on both sides.

The separation wall, which spans a total length of 708 kilometers and towers at a height of 8 meters, was constructed by Israel in response Palestinian violence during the Second Intifada in 2022. It isolates and segregates Palestinians and Israelis from each other, breeding an atmosphere of uncertainty, frustration, and animosity. While Israel maintains that the barrier is necessary for its security, Palestinians argue that it is a violation of their human rights.

The series captures the daily lives and dreams of individuals residing on both sides of the wall, in those areas where Israel and Palestine merge into a single, indistinct line. Throughout the project, I encounter unfamiliar faces that are united by their attachment to the sacred land. These encounters lead to profound reflections on themes such as identity, loss, death, belonging, and hope.

Ofir Berman