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08/09 - 08/10/2023


Lois Cid :: Lara Jacinto :: Maria Gruzdeva


Estruturas de fusión


«Estruturas de Fusión» is a project that explores spaces under construction as if they were an archaeological deposit, in order to analyse the remaining waste found after the building is finished, and comparing this debris to the ones generated by the demolishment of old buildings. From a material perspective, the paths and explorations start from an archaeological practice. Lois Cid's artistic practice focuses on the analysis of the debris within concepts of materiality, value and socio-spatial relations. Under a logic of recollection – or recovery – his work deals with what is considered as discarded or silenced, in a way of raising reflection on segregation, oblivion and alterity. In this diatribe, he uses concepts related to temporality, instability and dysfunction, melting the processes of construction and collapse in the same entity, making them hard to differentiate. 

In this meticulous fieldwork, Lois decides to portray redesigned fragments and scattered materialities, to bring out some counterproposals through an alternative of abstraction. Using proximity as a starting point, he fights the binarism that separates the peripheral from the central by playing with a complex heterogeneity that dwells in the popular contemporary, with a certain simplicity, which we could name the new non-objectualism. This enigma reconsiders the relationship between objects and images, and the possible effects of its recognition in contemporary thinking, a thinking overflowed by consumption, business, recognition, the ephemerality of time and territoriality. Vítor Nieves. Curador


The Territory


"The Territory" is a term used by researchers to refer to protected natural areas, where they live and work. This photographic series is about them and their mission of preserving these pristine environments.

While climate change has become undeniably evident and humanity has to daily deal with the consequences of human activity on Earth, there are still a few almost untouched places left on the globe. It takes a lot of effort to keep them unspoilt and it comes as no surprise that these territories are located in the most distant and unattainable places on Earth. Nature Reserves and scientific bases are often set up to protect these intact areas.

The Territory project is about these places and scientists of various types - biologists, ecologists, meteorologists, who live in these remote research stations in National Parks and Nature Reserves in Russia. Some of these specialists were born in these places, while others left big cities, gave up their social life and relocated to tiny villages or secluded bases away from society. No matter where they come from, they are fully dedicated to their mission of preserving and saving these areas, their nature and abundant wildlife.

The project explores their way of life in almost complete isolation and their traditions that are often passed from one generation of dedicated researchers to the next. The series offer a unique glimpse into the idyllic concept of harmonious coexistence between humans and the natural world highlighting that this is something we cannot afford to lose.




Paradise synthesizes the idea of construction of the ideal place. The exoticism of other places is transported to the landscape, allowing each new settler to inscribe onto the territory a kind of universal idea of paradise, in a movement that tramples over and dissolves even further the cultural identity of the territory.
In this space of cultural, economic, and social undulations, different realities exist side by side while rarely crossing paths: on one side, there are those who come looking for pleasure, provided by the type of tourist attractions commonly found in seaside resorts; on the other side, there are those who live behind the scenes of this fiction.

Paradise tells micro-stories about the people who live and work in the municipality of Lagoa - Algarve. Native to other parts of the world, they come looking for job opportunities and a better life, but also in search of freedom, or in pursuit of a childhood dream, set against a bright blue backdrop where happiness is possible.

Lara Jacinto, Lagoa, 2019