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O festival Imago Lisboa é um acontecimento marcante no panorama da fotografia nacional e internacional.


A 3ª edição do festival Imago Lisboa evidencia o seu crescimento consolidado.
A presente mostra organiza-se em torno de duas temáticas (Rethinking Nature/Rethinking Landscape) e (The Family in Transition) que constituem o mote para reflecção em torno de questões fundamentais da atual sociedade.
Na fusão de ambas as temáticas, apresentam-se três séries de Joakim Esklidsen, cuja obra é exposta pela primeira vez no nosso país e que poderá ser visitada no MNAC - Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea.
Em paralelo às exposições estão programadas um conjunto de ações tendentes à motivação e participação de públicos diversos.


Joakim Eskildsen > Cornwall // Cuban Studies // Home Works

Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea – Museu do Chiado

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The Family in Transition

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

Alla Dolgaleva - Echo of My Childhood

Alla Dolgaeva01

Annette LeMay Burke- Memory Building

Annette LeMay Burke01

Catherine Panebianco - No Memory is Ever Alone

Catherine Panebianco02

Charlotta María Hauksdóttir - A Matter of Some Moments


Diana Velasco - Family Album II, 2018

Diana Velasco01

Fred Hüening - Drei – Them and Me


Haakon Sand - Twins Forever


Johan Bävaman - Swedish Dads

Fredric Janson, 34, EngineerWhen their son Ossian was born,Fredric and his partner took fourmonths’ joint parental leave, thenthey alternated 50/50.“Because we took turns beingon leave and working, right fromwhen we first became parents,parental leave has never felt boringor monotonous. We thought it wasimportant for both of us to be able tobe with our child during all stages ofdevelopment, and so we chose to behome together during the first fourmonths, and then alternate.”

Jorge Fuembuena - Wood Stories

Jorge Fuenbuena 02

Katrin Jaquet - Neg

03_KatrinJaquet_from the series neg_2019

Ksenia Kuleshova - Ordinary People

Russia, Saint Petersburg, 12/08/2018. Maria Krugovaya (left) is caressing her girlfriend Anastasia Vyadro (right) who is caressing their cat Sam at the same moment.They are together for 7 months and plan to start living together soon. Maria Krugovaya (35) from Saint Petersburg is a photographer (sensual portrait, erotica, nude) and openly gay. Anastasia Vyadro (29) from Saratov is a choreographer, dancer and an actor in the immersive show “Faceless”.

Schore Mehrdju - The Second

“The Second” is a series that explores women’s social status and polygamous marriages in Tajikistan. “A woman without a husband is worthless here!” – this is what the artist regularly heard from the very women she photographed. To be respected by society, Tajik women must be married, whether as a first or second wife. This is the main reason why the concept of polygamy has become widespread in Tajik society, even though it is punished by law.The Muslim marriage contract, or Nikoh, allows polygamous marriages, but leaves second wives and their children without any rights. This is why the artist has worked in collaboration with these women to create anonymous portraits away from any stigmatization.

Simone Rodrigues - The Names of Love

Simone Rodrigues Rodrigo e Gilberto_Names of Love _

Susanna Kekkonen - Family Album

Younes Mohammad - The Untold Story of Families

Mosa Bapir Mosa Rasul was born in 1953 and his wife Piroza Hamakhan Hassan was born in 1970, he is Peshmarga since 1971 and during all this time four-time he got wounded which last time was fighting ISIS in April 2015 which he lost a leg with an IED (Improvised explosive device) in Zarga Area. According to Media reporters, more than 10,000 Peshmargah were wounded in the IS war.

We are family
SNBA – Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes

Luis Cobelo (Venezuela)

Cobelo 1

Kovi Konowiecki (Estados Unidos)

Konowiecki 1

Bharat Sikka (India)

Sikka 1

Elena Anosova (Russia)

Mother of four is holding her daughter. The girl who is 10 months old is playing with fox skin. The family is interethnic: mother is Russian and father is half Tungus. Katangsky District, Irkutsky region. Russia, 2016

Andrea Gjestvang (Noruega)

RETURNThe seven sisters (front from left) Bayan (12), Sara (9) and Nora (7). Back row from left Doa (21), srae (15), Gofran (20) and Mona (17) Al-Zanghari. Outside their home in Irbid, Jordan.The family came to Norway in 2004 and told the authorities they were stateless refugees from Palestine. The family moved to Namsos, and the children started school. The two youngest daughters were born in Namsos. When the authorities found out they were Palestine refugees living in Jordan, their application was denied. After nine years of case handling the family was deported to Jordan. Now they live with relatives in Irbid. None of the girls attend school.

Lionel Jusseret (Bélgica)

Jusseret 2 19.29.00

Rethinking Nature  / Rethinking Landscape - EMOP – EUROPEAN MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY

Espaços a Definir

Sandrine Elberg - JÖKULL


Maija Savolainen – See Sea


Sébastien Cuvelier – Paradise City


António Catarino – Travessias

catarino_DSF1198 copie

Miguel Henriques – Oriente

Miguel Henriques-Oriente-01

João Henriques - Rio, Uma Geografia Sentimental


Maria Magalena Ianquis – Transition Space

Maria Iankis Video_Transistion3

Vanja Bucan – Correlations and Interventions

Vanja 2

Inka and Niclas – Luminous Matter


Danila Tkachenko - Motherland

Danila 6

Anastasia Mityukova – Project Iceworm


Vencedor do Lisboa Meeting Point
Mikail Bushokov - Galeria Imago

Mikail B2019_zurich_005_CSP_04
Mikail B2017_zurich_034_CSP_17


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