Jorge Fuembuena

Wood Stories

Wood Stories explores one of the new experimental social practises in the world, which consist in alternative lifestyles in self-sufficient communities that belong to the rewilding movement.These communities aim to renaturalize abandoned or depopulated rural areas in hopes of recovering nature and wildlife, to regenerate innovative and sustainable economic activities and to actively oppose the destruction of nature for the construction of large infrastructures.Wood Stories explores new families in the new ways of living the territory as space for a common dialogue whilst concurrently as an area for confrontation. This body of work articulates the concept of dissuasion, exemplified in the investigation of the proposed construction of an airport, Notre-Dâme des Landes, in Nantes ( France) and how the prevention of this event is made possible by appropriating, therefore protecting the land. The goal is to talk about a place that is marginal in respect to what is managed and structured, in the absence of urbanism. Nomadic-like settlements in unmanaged spaces; my line of research explores the extension of dwellings and the concept of domestic space. Photography allows us to explore and engage with nature, in addition to enabling us to document the human ambition of supremacy, possession and the act of domination through the technologic construction of nature. This is a body of work that testifies and questions the urban expansion plans within this area. In this body of work the concept of displacement is present, displacement to be understood as the aesthetic and political positioning within artistic practice. This employed artistic perspective then merges with other aspects, far more profound, such as the ethical and anthropological domains in relation to the possibility and concept of human freedom in the current world.


Carpintaria de São lázaro


Fellow artist of La Casa de Velázquez. He has participated in program Plat(t)form Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland), and has presented his work in exhibitions at festivals such as Photoespaña, Photo Zurich (Switzerland), Lodz Fotofestiwal(Poland), Athens Photo Festival(Greece), Kaunas Photo(Lithuania), Paraty Em Foco(Brazil), Arlés Photography Festival(France), International Festival of Photography Pingyao(China), Encontros Da Imagem(Portugal), Bitume Photofest(Lecce, Italy), Lentos Museum ( Linz. Austria), Getty Images Gallery( London) or FLORA Ars and Natura (Colombia). Selected in the Austro Sino Arts Program project exhibition(Beijing, China), his work is shown in Biennials such as the Trienale di Milano ,the Thesaloniki Bienale(Greece), Fotoseptiembre(CCEMEX. Mexico D.F.). His work has been selected for the publication Contexto Crítico: Fotografía española del s. XXI (EXIT), and also for the publication NEW SPANISH PHOTOGRAPHY, Visions beyond borders (New York and Washington). Selected for the exhibition Reciente Fotografía de autor en España(Madrid), he was included in the book The A-Z of Spanish Photographers (La Fábrica).