Katrin Jaquet


In my work, I am exploring photography as a medium, focusing on issues like the perception of time and light, of identity and memory. I am particularly interested in the way technical and psychological aspects of photography meet. My series "neg" is about the way we look at family photos. Starting from a very personal point, I try to address more general questions.When my mother died some years ago, I inherited all the family photos. Albums year by year as well as boxes full of unsorted photos from 1870 until today. There are lots of prints, but there are no negatives. The negatives of the older family photos have been thrown away a long time ago, and from recent images, there have never been any negatives, only digital files. I am interested in the negative as a potential – in a technical as well as in an aesthetic and a psychological sense: the negative is what you don’t want to see and don’t want to show. In the family album, you keep what’s positive, the smiles and the happy moments, not the tensions or the tears. Yet, it’s from the negative that you get the positive.In my series neg, I (re)create the negatives. I combine them with positives, layering similar situations from different generations. I am looking for the point where the layers and the persons seem to melt into each other, where there’s a new, ambiguous portrait which is more than the literal combination of positive and negative. The digital montages are accompanied by photos of the album covers.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

05_KatrinJaquet_from the series neg_2020

Katrin Jaquet is a visual artist and educator living in Berlin, Germany. She studied visual arts in a mixed media class, focusing on photography, video and installation. She also studied philosophy and romance literature which led her to spend some time in Paris. At the énsb-a, she attended theory classes covering a wide range from aesthetics to political art. These classes encouraged her to work more in an interdisciplinary way and to refer to photo theory, psychology and philosophy in her photographic approach. Katrin’s works have been shown internationally and she received several grants and prizes. Currently, she is working on a book project with an overview of her works.