Marta Machado

Nos Txon

07.04 - 21.05.2022

Nos Txon

photographs, memory and the possibilities of a narrative in post-colonial speech

“Nos txon”, is a Cape Verdean expression that means our place or our land, the name given to the project, appears as an allusion to the idea of loss of the subject and the loss of geography introducing an idea of belonging and melancholy in relation to the place, while at the same time it evokes a direct relationship between a subject and a geography as a feeling of belonging, i.e., an idea that two elements that combine the individual are separated, generating the idea of loss, of "sodade". The project aims to study and explore the relationships between subject and place when confronted with a new geography, in this specific case, of a Cape Verdean mother, and her relationship with the geography that she inhabits, the experience of “place” in a disconnected geography, and the search or establishment of identity. The intention is to understand the revisited memory of the body as part of the landscape and the camera as a social instrument in reading the subject in her inser- tion in a place. A reading is sought, as much as an understanding of place as a concrete phenomenon made up of concrete “things” that relate to the individual and that interrelate with each other, sometimes with a sense of belonging.


As an artist the methodology Marta's use is the one of the architects, meaning respond to the context, by not acting on a subject before understanding it. It means that to have a responsible knowledge before acting, Marta needs to respond to the context in which she also a part of. Graduated in architecture in 2013 and Master in photography in 2021, Marta interested in themes as architecture and territory. Besides studying the autobiographical context of a territory, find in photography the tool for signification, through the palimpsest of places that are familiar. The work developed revolves around a set of circumstances, social, external or organic, moving through different themes and stories that she want to tell around a certain subject, it is not defined by a specific aesthetic or form. Concepts like melancholy, memory, place, identity and colonialism are the main themes around Marta's body of work.