IMAGO LISBOA Photo Festival is organized by Cedilhas e Legendas - a non-profit cultural association. We are a group of people who have in the visual arts, and particularly in photography, their cultural militancy tool. With distinct paths in the cultural area, the common interest in images brought us together and awakened the desire to move forward with this project.

Imago; Festival de Fotografia; Inauguração; MNAC; Exposição; Todd Hido; Lisboa; © Hugo David 2020;
Imago; Festival de Fotografia; Exposição; Museu da Água; Lisboa; © Hugo David 2019


Photography has gained increasing recognition in the field of visual arts and respective markets. Its functionality is diverse and complex. In addition to the arts, the photographic record is also linked to history, anthropology and science in general.

IMAGO LISBOA wants to contribute to:

Disseminate established and emerging authors. 

Promote contemporary photography without forgetting the knowledge of classical authors. 

Promote reflection around the different territories of photography.

To create a grid platform for the dissemination of younger authors.

To be a safe place for knowledge, construction, equality and freedom.

Imago; Festival de Fotografia; Exposição; Visita Guiada com Rui Prata; Carpintarias São Lázaro; Lisboa; © Hugo David 2019
Imago; Festival de Fotografia; Exposição; Pentti Sammallahti; Convento da Graça; Lisboa; © Hugo David 2019

Créditos fotográficos: Hugo David




Rui Prata

Sónia Galiza

Luísa Ferreira

Artistic Coordination:


Rui Prata

Executive Production


Denise Cunha SIlva


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