Susana kekkonen

Family Album

The Family Album Features a series of family portraits with children from divorced families. The main character of each photograph is a child whose parents have divorced. The children have invited everyone they feel belongs to their family to join in the portrait. They have also arranged the family members as they have seen fit. The idea has been to assign the power to define a family to the person who did not have this opportunity at time of the divorce: the child.Blended families have been commonplace for hundreds of thousands Finns for decades, but the traditional family concept still prevails in both language and visual culture. The Finnish language lacks words for many blended family members. This is why there is a need for images that who families can consist of. Traditionally, family portraits have always only shown the nuclear family: two spouses and children. Family Album poi’s put that a family may not always live under the same roof or use the same surname. Family Album makes visible the fact that the parent’s divorce has an effect on their children until adulthood. The images and the related stories created by the children evoke thoughts of the importance and vulnerability of family ties.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

"Penny" from the series of Family Album (2014), size: (5O x 38,5) cm

Susanna Kekkonen is a finish photographer, who mostly makes her living by shooting for some of the largest magazines in Finland. Lately she has been working also as picture editor for different public operators. Susanna started the Family album project in 2011 by photographing her own family. The whole process of shooting Family Album series felt quite intimate but also empowering as well for Susanna and many of the families. The series has been show several solo exhibitions around Finland. Susanna has arranged workshops for the exhibition visitors to come to make a family portrait using the method of Family Album. Aalto Photo Books published a book ”Family Album” 2015. Susanna Kekkonen has graduated in Masters of Arts in Aalto university, Helsinki in 2014.