Younes Mohammad

The Untold Story of Families

These photos are part of a project documenting the sacrifices of Kurdish Peshmerga in the fight to put down ISIS.The project has taken me to the provinces of Iraqi Kurdistan. Speaking with several hundred Peshmerga, taking intimate portraits of the wounded fighters, their families, and documenting both the stories in the battle and their ongoing struggles to navigate post-conflict life. Fighters who took up arms, not because they were required to do so, but because it was right and it was what had to be done. All most of the men showed severe physical injury. Arms, legs, and eyes lost. Bodies so riddled with bullet and shrapnel wounds that simple movement created wincing pain. These men also showed the signs of the heavy burdens of the mental traumas, of PTSD, and of memories that would not leave them. They would do this for their children, their families, their people, and for the wider world. Tragically, their suffering does not end after having returned home. The men face new challenges, such as getting prosthetic limbs, ongoing care, providing for their families despite their debilitating injuries, and more.

Carpintarias de São Lázaro

Mohammad Sharif Shakhsa Abdullah was born in 1972 and his wife Bas Hama Kheder was born in 1976, he is Peshmarga since 1991 and he got wounded in fighting ISIS in Jul 2014 with a Grenade or RPG in Jalawla in Diyala province.He lost one eye and he got hundreds of shrapnel in his face and body. After 29 days after his wounding, he goes back to the frontline and continues fighting IS, He has Six kids. According to Media reporters, more than 10,000 Peshmargah were wounded in the IS war.

 Younes Mohammad is Born in 1968 in Dohuk, Iraq. He’s a Kurdish freelance photographer mostly active on assignments for newspapers, magazines, etc.He spent his life in Iran as a refugee from 1974 - 1998 and graduated with an MBA University of Tehran.Photography was his passion but he had no chance to follow it while the war situation was still continuing Under Saddam’s time.In 2011 he quits his job and starts his journey as a photographer. His work has been exhibited internationally and published widely in publications.He has received numerous awards.