outubro 2021


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The Family in Transition

Charlotta María Hauksdóttir


Diana Velasco

Haakon Sand

Johan Bävaman

Ola Larsson, 41, Buyer
On leave for eight months with his
son Gustav.

ÒItÕs important that everybody is
free to choose whether or not to take
parental leave. There needs to be a
big shift in the culture around it,
and more male role models need to
be given visibility. The government
needs to become better at providing
information about the advantages of
parental leave for both parents.
I had to wipe away a tear or two
after I dropped my son off at daycare
for the first time.
It is a true gift to be able to create
these kind of strong emotional ties to
your child, thanks to SwedenÕs parental
leave system.
ItÕs almost as though you have
to experience parental leave to
understand what youÕd be losing,
before you make the decision to
work instead.Ó

Ksenia Kuleshova

Simone Rodrigues

Laura e Marta_Names of Love _Simone Rodrigues

Rethinking Lanscape / Rethinking Nature

Anastasia Mityukova

Maija Savolainen

António Catarino

Maria Magalena Ianquis

Danila Tkachenko

Miguel Henriques

Inka and Niclas

Pedro Lobo

João Henriques

Sandrine Elberg

João Mota da Costa

Sébastien Cuvelier

Loic Vendrame

Vanja Bucan